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Forest Classroom AR

Forest Classroom AR is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) immersive experience platform for young children. Outcome of research and development supported by Berwick Lodge Primary School (Australia) & Lotus Bridge International School (Singapore) in partnership with Deakin University & Dreemar Solutions Pty Ltd.
It is a multi-sensory learning experience created using Augmented Reality (AR) to engage students with their learning in classroom and assist with school readiness.

If you are a Teacher (Educator)...

We invite you to participate in our research in the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in classrooms to study student engagement and learning outcomes.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays a layer of digital content in your real world view using the camera on your smartphone, iPad or mobile tablet.  A variety of content can be overlaid including videos (normal videos, green-screen background videos or even 360-degree panning views videos), 2D or 3D models (assets), animations, audio or voice-over and even real-time spatial data can be displayed.

An AR experience can be triggered by just about anything in the real world; whether an image, an object or even a QR code.  Once a trigger is recognised by the technology, almost any combination of content experiences can be delivered to the user.

See how AR technology brings exciting and innovative experiences in classroom teaching and learning.

AR Project in Focus

Hettie & Harry's Forest Adventure (AR Book)

After five years of research, using hand-held technology (such as iPads and tablet devices) students are engaging with their learning via a mobile app and AR capable book titled “Hettie and Harry’s Forest Adventure” – specifically written and produced by Berwick Lodge Primary School, in partnership with Deakin University and Dreemar Solutions Pty Ltd.

An innovative platform of multi-sensory learning that uses immersive technology and augmented reality (AR) to engage students with their learning at school and assist with school readiness. Students learn about the natural environment, the senses and sustainability. The AR book is written and developed by Henry Grossek, Liz Frances Symonds, Rob Kelly and Manjeet Singh Usma.

Hettie and Harry’s Forest Adventure will have a range of accompanying lesson resources and engaging real-world activities for educators, teachers and parents alike (such as drumming lessons, songs and mindfulness activities). These AR resources are under development and will be available soon.

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Create AR

Design your own augmented reality engagement using our simple to use AR Studio. All it takes is 3 simple steps and a few minutes and you will be creating your own powerful AR experiences and with no coding skills. 

Get Involve in the
Forest Classroom AR Project

Parents & Mentors

As a Parent and/or Mentor, you can guide young kids to an awesome experience with nature, trees and forest animals using our engaging immersive experience lesson resources.

Schools & Teachers

Schools and Teachers are key to the giving each student an experience in their learning for a more engaging and unique learning journey by guiding and educating towards knowledge on nature, trees and forest animals using immersive technologies.

Industry Collaborators

Partnering with content creators and the industry to create and enable the learning journeys of each Forest Classroom explorer; Bringing each one closer in an immersive experience to nature, trees and forest animals.

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Learn about our research on immersive experiences for learning environments.

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